119 in 1019

119 in 1019
My goal is to accomplish 119 fun, exciting, meaningful, successful things in 1019 days. 

(19 is my favorite number!)

Start: May 1, 2010
End: February 13, 2013

.:Family & Relationships:.
1. Have a Mother-Daughter weekend with just my Mom, Sister and I
2. Visit with Grammie and Papa Bramley atleast two times a year
3. Go on a business trip with my Dad – Bonding Time!
4. Do atleast three memorable things a year with Aunt Krissy
5. Talk to my sister, Katie, atleast twice times a week
6. See distant family atleast once a year for a long visit
7. See atleast six football games of Cameron’s (8/6)
8. Visit Papa Abend atleast once a month
9. Talk to my parents everyday
10. Have weekly catch-ups with my Best Friends
11. Keep in touch periodically with past teachers and coaches
12. Visit my grandparents’ graves once a year

.:Cory & I:.
13. Plan 3 road trips for us and set sail
14. Make a ‘119 in 1019’ list together (I’m sure it will be a ‘108 in 1008’ list)
15. Get a dog (or two, or five)
16. See all of Cory’s big/important track meets
17. Plan for something together
18. Live together
19. Cook Cory a romantic candlelit dinner

.:Creative & Learn:.
20. Make a cookbook and have it up to date
21. Start writing my book
22. Start making my coffee table book
23. Learn to sew
24. Start to learn how to play the piano
25. Start to learn how to play the guitar
26. Make and have up to date my ‘Memory Book of My Life’
27. Make a crafting log/book
28. Make 10 crafts from it (0/10)
29. Have all my high school scrapbooks done (Gymnastics, Track, Miscellaneous) (0/3)
30. Make my High School T-Shirt Quilt
31. Make my Gymnastics T-Shirt Quilt
32. Make 5 headbands (0/5)
33. Learn to use Photoshop

.:Entertainment & Travel:.
34. Visit Best Friends Animal Society
35. See Shwayze in concert
36. See Taylor Swift in concert (again)
37. See Sarah Palin at an event
38. See a Georgia Gym Dawg Gymnastics Meet
39. Spend New Years 2010 in a large city (Philadelphia, PA)
40. Spend New Years 2011 in a large city (Columbus, OH)
41. Visit Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Where I was born)
42. Attend an animal convention
43. Go to Seattle to see my Aunt Erin and Uncle Hutch
44. Take a trip with my sister
45. Take a trip with my brother
46. Have a True Blood marathon with the first 3 seasons
47. Have a Sex and the City marathon with all 6 seasons and the 2 movies

48. Have my iTunes up to date and organized
49. Have my iPhoto and scrapbook stuff completely organized
50. Have my computers completely organized and up to date
51. Back up my computers
52. Keep my car clean
53. Organize all of my ‘important papers’
54. Clean out my closet

.:For Myself:.
55. Have my undergraduate degree by spring of 2012
56. Graduate with honors
57. Take the GRE
58. Apply to Veterinarian School
59. Make a solid ‘Plan B’
60. Obtain my ideal weight
61. Get an apartment
62. Write a "if anything ever happens to me" letter
63. Write and follow my Health and Exercise Plan
64. Stop biting my nails
65. Start to read and understand the Bible
66. Start a group/club at college
67. Join a group/club at college (Alpha Phi Omega)
68. Learn how to file my taxes
69. Coach at a gymnastics meet
70. Get on a very comfortable schedule
71. Try out vegetarianism for two weeks
72. No eating sweets for a month
73. Start doing yoga
74. Start doing pilates
75. Get a full body massage
76. Buy everything on my Amazon wish list

.:For Others & the World:.
77. Volunteer in Africa
78. Volunteer my time for a local cause
79. Make 10 ‘Green’ promises to myself and carry them out (10/10)
80. Join and fight for 2 of my favorite humanitarian causes (0/2)
81. Give blood 5 times (1/5) 
82. Write 20 letters to loved ones (5/20)
83. Send fun mail to 5 friends (0/5)
84. Teach 5 people to swim and water safety (10/5)
85. Donate 30 items (16/30)
86. Take my parents out to dinner
87. Send someone flowers
88. Surprise someone

.:For Fun:.
89. Plant 2 time capsules: one long term, one short term (0/2)
90. Get a tattoo
91. Go to a psychic
92. Have my palm read
93. Be hypnotized
94. Learn to wakeboard
95. Run a marathon
96. Do a triathlon
97. Go skydiving
98. Learn sign language
99, Go on a safari (When in Africa)
100. Cook a multiple course dinner for my family
101. Host a cupcake party
102. Host a party with my sister, Katie
103. Go stargazing
104. Send a message in a bottle
105. Have a picnic
106. See a sunrise somewhere special
107. See a sunset somewhere special
108. Make a goofy music video with my friends
109. Go skinny dipping
110. Take a dance class
111. Buy a really nice, new camera
112. Read 10 books (0/10)
113. Pull a complete all nighter

.:Career & Money:.
114. With each paycheck, put away atleast $15
115. Save all my loose change in a jar and cash it at the end of 1019 days!
116. Get a job at a vet’s office
117. Save atleast $5,000
118. Start and stick to budget
119. After a task is completed, put away a dollar (Hopefully that is $1019!) ($0/$1019)

And At The End…
(Honoree) Make a new list