My Bucket List

In alphabetical order - There will be additions frequently.
Life is just too much fun!
.:Joie de Vivre:.
"How terribly sad it was that people are made in such a way that they get used to something as extraordinary as living."
Jostein Garger

Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Attend the Inauguration of a President
Attend the Kentucky Derby
Attend the Olympics (Gymnastics, Track, Swimming, Ice Skating, Speed Skating)
Attend the Republican National Convention
Attend the Super Bowl
Be a waitress
Be hypnotized
Be involved in a political campaign
Be in a pageant 
Bicycle atleast 200 miles somewhere
Build/Create/Live in my dream house and land
Bungee jump
Climb a mountain
Dive with sharks
Do a triathlon
Donate my hair
Donate time/money to Abused/Orphaned Children
Experience a real sunrise
Experience a real sunset

Fly in a hot-air balloon across a country - or just somewhere!
Fly first class
Fly in a helicopter

Get a Tattoo

Get a telescope and use it
Give blood yearly
Give plasma yearly
Go backpacking across at least 10 locations
Go canoeing
Go downhill skiing
Go kayaking
Go on a cruise
Go on a safari
Go Parachuting
Go Sailboating
Go stargazing
Go to a psychic
Go trekking in a rainforest
Go whale watching
Go white water rafting
Grow my own food
Have a romantic candlelit dinner
Have My Palm Read
Join and fight for my favorite humanitarian causes
Learn Greek
Learn Latin
Learn sign language
Learn to play the Guitar
Learn to play the Piano
Learn to surf – then surf occasionally
Learn to wake board
Love kindly, passionatly and always
Make a ‘Memory Book of My Life’
Make a Difference in a Child's Life (Not my child)
Make a real foreign friend
Marry the love of my life and grow old together
Meet Nastia Lukin
Meet Rachel McAdams
Meet Reese Witherspoon
Meet Sarah Jessica Parker
Obtain my ideal weight
Own a convertible
Own a crotch rocket
Own my own business
Pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary planned at all
Plant my dream garden
Publish a cookbook
Raise a happy, healthy, laughing, goofy, close, adventurous, successful family
Read and understand the Bible
Ride an elephant
Run a marathon
Scuba Dive
See a shooting star
See an iceberg
See the Northern Lights
Send a message in a bottle
Sing karaoke at an actual karaoke contest
Sleep completely under the stars
Sleep on a paddle boat under a blanket tent on a clam lake
Speak publicly in front of atleast 10,000 people
Swim with Dolphins
Take up dancing: Salsa, Tango, and Ballroom, Ballet dancing
Talk to my parents everyday
Travel the major USA roads with help from:
Try out veganism for two weeks
Try out vegetarianism for two weeks
Visit all of the Wonders of the World
Visit and explore every state in the USA
Visit atleast two volcanoes
Volunteer in a 3rd World Country
Witness a solar eclipse
Write and publish a book

"You must live, and not just exist!"