To Do List


1. Make someone smile.
2. Make someone laugh.
3. Tell someone I love them.
4. Laugh myself.
5. Smile when I wake up. I'm alive!
6. Nix ALL unnecessary negative thinking and talking.
7. Give a genuine compliment.
8. Break a sweat.
9. Sing at the top of my lounges to a really good song. Dancing is required too.
10. Talk to Cory Ray, and let him know I love him more than life.
11. Talk to my parents. Let them know they're larger than life.
12. Be proud of who I am.
13. Work on goal/dream/passion and create new ones.
14. Be completely, fabulously awesome.
15. Be free.
16. Thank God for the wonderful people, places and things I saw, did, loved - and the day he just blessed me with.


Be an adventurer. 
An explorer.
A voyager.
Document all things I find beautiful, lovely, meaningful, funny, happy, sad, memorable.
Observe the world in a way as if I've never seen it before.
Take pictures. Take videos. 
A lot of them.
Document as much as possible.
Take note of everything.
Collect as many things as I can along the way,
To remind, to remember.

Laugh as much as possible.
Love more than possible.


Find myself.
Be myself.
Be true to myself.
Love. A lot.
Be open.
Be honest.
Be proud.
Be in love.
Love. A lot.
Be happy.
Be awesome.
Love life.
Be free.

"If you're reading this,
You're alive.
If that's not something to smile about,
Then I don't know what is."