Monday, April 12, 2010

Dreaming of Puppies

Someday soon, I hope Cory and I own one...or two...or five of these cute little whipper snappers!
English Bulldogs!

My ideal situation would be this:

And my favorite college is the University of Georgia who are the Bulldogs themselves, so - only naturally, I will buy them the right clothes.

Cory's all time favorite school is Michigan State, and we'll of course have just as many MSU gear for them.
(This was the only decent Dog MSU outfit I could find online - but I'm pretty darn good at shopping so no worries, they will be found!)

And Cory will try and teach him some of his own skills of the skateboard: 

Yes, I've been dreaming of these puppies for awhile now. I know my cat Timmy will just be SO excited to have someone just like him join the family. And my cat White Sox, well - will probably still be grumpy about new members hogging my time away from him. It's OK, he knows he's my #1.

Until that time comes, more dreaming pictures will probably arise.

Love always,