Monday, April 26, 2010

High Five For: 'Real' Women

Let's give a High Five For: 'Real' Women!
Nike's campaign for 'real women' happened a few years ago. I remember seeing them in a magazine back then. But, until I recently stumbled upon them again, I didn't realize how much I love them. I find myself reading them, smiling and just saying to myself, "Hell yeah!" 

It’s no secret that hardly any woman is ‘model skinny', but yet that is what shows up time after time in advertisements and weaved in all over the media. It would be silly for me to wish that kind of image upon myself as well. It’s simply unrealistic and thankfully I’m perfectly fine with that. 

Nike had jumped into a campaign featuring close-ups of big butts, muscular thighs, skinned knees and not so dainty and slim and slender shoulders and hips. The average woman is somebody who has curves to her and is active. This is amazing for the support for women with these bodies and lifestyles as opposed to what’s been deemed as ideal.

I'm not saying that if you're skinny already, naturally skinny, or are always striving to be skinny - you're not a 'real woman'. No, no, no. I'm not saying that AT ALL. I think the term 'real women' problematic itself. Of course we're all real women and we're all beautiful and wonderful in our own ways. But, obviously, I'm speaking from my point of view and since I've always been an athlete and have built these thunder thighs, arms and hips of my own - I'm just speaking my mind and saying thank you to Nike because their ads speak to me.

I have found these ads to be a breath of fresh air. This subject matter is real, and we are living it everyday. For that reason alone, it makes sense for Nike to pitch products to women who hope to improve their looks in a realistic manner, rather than those indulging in a faraway fantasy. Nike’s ad campaign focusing on ‘real women’ and celebrating big butts, thunder thighs and shoulders that aren't dainty worked, and it will continue to work because it in itself is real.

Not to mention, I don't know about you - but these sayings and images really motivate me! Just Do It!

Rock on girlfriend.
Love always,