Friday, April 23, 2010

My Cat Grass!!!

I will warn you, I may sound overly excited about growing some grass, but it was so AWESOME!!
This little activity of mine started about 3 weeks ago when I went to Home Depot to help my mom get a new lawn mower. We were at the checkout line and, of course, the leopard cover caught my eye. I came to find out it's a little kit for cat grass!!! I was SO excited. 
So, we bought it! It was only about $7.00! It said it helps with hairballs, digestion and so your cats will not eat your other plants. Bingo - what a fabulous investment I thought.
This is the cute little pot it came with to grow your grass in. The paw prints sold me, what can I say...
The kit included the soil and the seeds.
So, I planted it just as the instructions called for. I was nervous though because some seeds were sticking out. But, it said it was OK.
And what would you know - a few days of tender, love and care (oh yes, and sunlight and water. I suppose I need to add that...) BAM! It was growing!
In about a week - it was a wild thing!
This is my cat Timmy. He LOVES IT!
And Rosie, she loves it too!!

Ah, the littlest things are the greatest.
Love always,