Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bragging Rights

Hope you don't mind if I brag for a minute about my track star boyfriend :)
Initially, Cory went to a college in Northwest Ohio - Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio. (This is probably my most favorite picture of him of all time. I can't exactly tell you all the reasons why - but it's such an awesome picture and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mohawks!) Anyways, so he ran for Heidelberg for three(ish) years. Unfortunately, he got hurt during his junior indoor season. But, the summer before his senior year (while we were on vacation at Lake Cumberland) he got a phone call from his coach (while he was on the boat). Coach Lucas was taking another job - in Salisbury, Maryland at Salisbury University.

After some thought, Cor decided to follow his coach and was off to be a Seagull. From there, the rest is history. His main event is the 400 hurdles. He is also pretty awesome in the open 400m and 110HH, and is the anchor in the 4X4 relay. 
(I am happy to report that I talked him into wearing these shades for this particular meet!)

Once his career started as an SU Seagull, there truly was no turning back. After his first year there he chased his dream of being a National Champion in the 400 meter hurdles. (Previously, he was a 2-time All-American in the event placing 6th and 5th at the National Meet.) High risk, high reward he had said to me once. One major thing I have learned from him is if you believe, and work hard - it all will pay off. I admire him so much for his work ethic on the track. 
Cory crossing the finish line as a 400 m hurdle National Champion with a time of 51.28 seconds.

So cute. Haha - and beyond happy.

And if that excitement wasn't enough for the day, this 3-man team placed 4th over all. How does that happen? Well, Brandon (back) was a National Champion in the shot put and Delannie (next to Cory) was Runner-Up in the 100m Dash. Amazing.

Recently, he was 'introduced' on their conference website. Take a look: here.

There will be more to come. 
Always so proud of you Cor. 

Love always,