Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYC Trip 2010: Day 2

Day two in the city proved to be just as amazing as the first.
Here are our adventures:

These pictures were taken while seeing the sights:

Once we made our way through Battery Park, and made our way down by the water, we decided to take the Staten Island Ferry over to the Island to so we could see the Statue of Liberty better. 

And our headshot frenzy we went on:

Then we made our way down to South Street Seaport to get some lunch, shop and get some Brooklyn Bridge pictures.
Oh, and some icecream with sprinkles, of course!

Then we headed to China Town for some perfume bargaining and then headed toward the hotel. After a break at the hotel, due in part by my feet dying from pain (the cowboy boots are not invited back), we made our way to Little Italy for some amazing dinner and bonding time.

(Below) Katie's amazing dinner of lobster ravioli.

And Kailey's birthday cake slice, with a trickster candle:

Then we headed for our cupcake run, and then Kailey, sister and I decided to head out for some NYC drinks followed by some late night pizza.

Like I said, superb day two. 
Love always,