Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYC Trip 2010: Day 3 UP, UP AND AWAY

While on our night Times Square adventure, we stumbled upon a very interesting photo opportunity place. 
And took some of the funniest pictures (or atleast we thought so) so the trip.

To wrap up this blog series, here are some memories I NEVER want to forget about our long weekend trip:

The ladies on our flight out to NYC, the funny flight attendants going out there as well, waiting to board our plane and hearing there was a level 2 warning - but yet my mom and sis left my suitcase unattended - we were going to be the one's reported, Katie's hot yoga story, Mom's less than desirable will to take a picture of me and my cupcake, the marriage rights couple Kailey and I spotted, My heart shaped sunglass find and stating that I thought H&M was heaven, or a lot like it, Mom following the FDA rules of flying, the subway's extreme Oh Shit handle.

"It's all about the lips", Mom's love for old escalators in Macy's, how Mom sat in something while out to lunch, Aunt Erin reminding me I used to ask her: "Hey, you rememberrr?", Aunt Erin's comparison for Katie and I to her two pups, Katie's frustration with me resulting in a push and a violent "MAKE A MOVE", "Freak", Aunt Erin kinda, sorta getting IDed at Friday's, Toss Toss, Watching to see who steps in the horse poo in Times Square, 'F.U.F.F.', 

Katie's "I DON'T WANT A HANDBAG", "I'll break ya fingas, everyone one of dem, bof hands!", Glinda from Wicked, getting a date from Mr. Softy, "Is that my phone!?"


Love always,