Saturday, May 1, 2010

Past Few Weekends with the Beebe's

The past couple of weekends, Cory has had home meets in Salisbury - so we hit the road to watch him run.
Here is a little inside to some of our adventures:
Weekend #1 April 16-18, 2010
I actually made this road trip with our friends Dan Stein and John Franks. I made it a surprise for Cory. He thought that I was driving down with his parents. (This was a HUGE milestone for me, too! I can never successfully pull off surprises for Cory. He always finds out some way or another. But this time - 110% success!!) Dan went to the same high school as Cor and I, but I didn't really know him then - until I really met him because Cory went to college with Dan and Franks. He also roomed with Dan one year as well.
Anyways, so Franks drove from Columbus to my house in Seville. From there we drove to Erie, PA to get Stein - where Stein then proceeded to drive the 8.5 hours to Salisbury. Road Trip Troopers is what they are!!
Franks (back) who is trying to blind my camera with a glare, and Dan! :)
Cor and I after the meet - loving the goofy smile.
One of the best pictures of them - Cory with his proud parents!
Cory, Brandon and I. He's a giant, but I make it to the shoulders!
And some more the the guys.
And this picture is where the ridiculous memories start...
To start my story, I'll explain the reason for the picture. So, after a long day of being in the sun, and Cory running all day - we were tired. So after we finally got some food, and got back to Cory's apartment, I got a shower and the three guys were out in the living room watching a movie. When I came out to join them, Franks was asleep (in picture) and Cory and Dan were tired and quiet. Well, I was no where near sleepy, so I said: Lets go to the beach! I figured Dan didn't come all this was to sit and watch a movie! (Franks had been to Salisbury to visit Cory a few times before and been to the beach.) Salisbury, MD is about 30 minutes from Ocean City and Assateague Island (where there are wild ponies!!!) Dan and Cory were game - so we got ready to go. We TRIED, HARD to wake Franks up, but it was a no go. So I snapped this picture before we left to document proof of the party pooper. Off we went to the beach at 1 a.m.!
This is the Pony we named 'Charlie' after the YouTube video of 'Charlie Bit Me', because this horse literally bit me. Yes, I think after my Mom and Dad read this they're going to be like 'WHAT?!', but no worries! It was a minor mishap and it didn't hurt. (Hahaha!)

Another horse we named 'Jerk' for some reason I don't remember...
Cor and I at Assateague Island, it was freezing by the water!
Cory and Dan at Assateague Island

So, after our visit to the Island, we drove over to Ocean City to give Dan a quick look. Then we headed home. At this point it was 3 am, Cory fell asleep in the car, and I was fighting my heavy eye lids because I didn't want to leave Dan hanging who was driving. (Keep in mind too, when we left the apartment, Franks was asleep on the chair in the living room, and none or Cory's three other roommates were home.) So as we are about to pull into the complex of the apartments, you drive past the balcony of the apartment first. I look up and see lights on, and I make the comment (because I saw atleast three heads) "looks like there is a party going on in there!" And Cory and Dan were like, "Noooo..." As we parked and walked up, we all made the comment that if there was a party, poor Franks!! Haha!

So as we walked in the door, sure enough - there was a party going on, and Franks...he was still in his car - awake - but didn't know what the heck was going on because I swear he was still asleep. Shortly after we got back, Cory and I headed to bed. Yes, leaving Franks and Dan hanging since they were crashing on the floor in the living room, where the party was. So, needless to say, Cory and I missed some pretty funny things that went down.
Driving home that next morning, I got clued in on all the details that we missed. They are so funny to me, and I never want to forget them.
The highlights of the whole trip: I was bit by an Assateague Island horse, Power Rangers, "Pow! Right in the Kisser", Dan knows his Family Guy Stein, Dan calling Melissa 'Lisa', Adventure Park USA, the waiter at Pizza Hut locking us in, and once he realized it he said "Oh my Jesus" in the funniest way, a girl at the party named Brownie from New Jersey who liked Franks, Cory's beach monster, Franks text to me asking "Where the heck are you guys?!" that I didn't get until way after we got back, on our drive home - all three of us realized that we were lost at the same time, Dan's bag was a casualty of the party that was thrown at the apartment.
These memories caused for some great laughs, and forever will!

Weekend #2 April 30 - May 2, 2010
This weekend, I was back traveling with the Beebe family. Melissa was able to come this time, and Vinny and Mara Lee drove up from North Carolina to meet with all of us. It was a great weekend with the entire family!
The Beebe Family

Ma and Pa Beebe

Lissa and I with our 'avs'!

A silly picture of Vinny and Mara Lee

Cor Cor-o-rea and I :)

Cor and Coach Jones

The 4X4

The highlights of the whole trip: Melissa and my 'A Bug's Life' video, "Pow! Right in the Kisser" (again), Wendy's food stop (WAY slow, texting right in front of us), Fratolli's bread sticks and chicken = amazing (and Vinny and Cory eating around 20 each), Melissa and my french accents, Brandon Jean Fugett, Melissa and I walking the long way around the whole athletic complex to get back in the track area, Vinny in OC - period (bathroom, Lashawn Merritt commercial - "I'm Lashawn Merritt and I know how to go fasstttt" with Gillette razors cutting some meat?!), the girl passes out at McDonald's, cashier's pencil finger, cashier repeating the orders, Darts, Speed Darts, efficient bartender clean up, Galaxy Bar - reception, hotel attendant (girl in elevator 3X between floors 1-5), loaf of bread behind apartment door, "What's the point of Cory's social facebook experiement and will Bobby miss living there next year?", the lady in the BP gas station where all Melissa and I wanted was to know where the restrooms were so was so annoyed while vacuuming - then when we were washing our hands it was water and Purel...?

Yeah, I hope to never forget those memories either.

Love always,