Friday, June 11, 2010

Cory's cute little boo boo.

Well, last night was a good one. 
Not one of those times where it's really funny in the moment, but when you wake up the next day - you're left with some mighty fine memories.
Our night started to take a strange turn around 10:00ish, I'd say.
Some phrases that describe the other crazy events for the night are as follows:
Grand-Theft Auto.

It's not as bad as it seems. But the 'injuries' belongs to Mr. Cory Ray.
Due to the events that unfolded that night, Cory wanted to fix the lock on his bedroom door - because it doesn't lock.
And instead of waiting for proper tools that were promised to him the next day, he tried to fix the lock with his pocket knife.
Bad idea.
But he's A-OK, and has a cute little boo boo now on his right index finger.
Actually, the cut was very deep. 
We were contemplating going to the ER when it first happened.
But a quick 4:00 A.M. trip to Walmart did the trick.
And the rest is memories...
Good, silly memories.
The first on the scene: my beach towel. 

The operating table.

BUT - all was certainly not lost. As it never is.
As we were laying in bed trying to finally fall asleep, we were reminiscing about some of Cory's other minor mishaps.
And when I say minor, I really don't mean it. This kid is has some of the coolest scars.
It was a good giggle.
AND - we were still up when the sun started to come up. 
So we hopped on over to the balcony and watched for a few. 
Ah, loved it.

This morning, while I was waiting for Cory to get up,
I switched the background of the computer so he saw it when he woke up.
(Notice it's an English Bulldog.)

Then, once we changed the bandage, I signed his cast!! :)

Heal fast buddy!!!
Loving you always,