Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear Cory Ray,

Last night was a particularly good one. Although nothing out of the ordinary happened to us, it was special to me.

 Thanks for helping me make no bake cookies - that turned out awesome may I add. 
Oh, and our chest bumps, stellar! You're right though, they do hurt...
I would like to point out that in our cookie eating competition - I think you cheated. 
My cookie was slightly bigger, giving my a disadvantage off the bat.
I know you think you won 'fair and square', but just know that next time I'll be winning with my different strategy.

Thanks for going on a walk with me too, even though I did lose the competition. 
I know you claim you almost fell and broke something, but remember you found a new hurdle drill too. 
All was not lost, and I highly enjoyed our mini adventure.

Watching The Office with you is one of my new favorite things to do as well. 
But -- I pointed out before -- I think the show is rubbing off on both of us and sometimes I feel like I'm dating Dwight...
Lastly, I would just like to let you know all of the scary movie clips you're making me watch on YouTube, and the Nightmare on Elm Street movie you had me watch the other night, is great and all...but...I have been having weird dreams. 
Not scary so much, just weird. 
Maybe we could lay off the scariness for a little while?

Oh, and as always, you're my favorite.

Loving you always,