Monday, June 21, 2010

High Five For: My Rockin' Summer Travels!

Let's give a High Five For


Rockin' Summer Travels!

Maryland to Ohio to Iowa. 

Ohio to Michigan to Ohio to Kentucky to Ohio to Maryland. 

This summer is seriously rocking my socks! :)

Here in Salisbury.
Cory's US National Track Meet.
Home Sweet Home.
July 4th in Michigan with the Beebe's.
Home Sweet Home.
Lake Cumerland, KY with my family.
Home Sweet Home.
Put in Bay.
Finishing out the summer back in Salisbury, Maryland, and Ocean City - of course.
(Hopefully there will be additions to this list.)
Now, if only I actually had a vehicle like this:
to wheel my little tushy around in.
 Then this summer could be labeled: Too Good Too Be True.
Oh wait, it already is.
Hm, would ya look at that.

My life is blessed, and so awesome.
Love always,