Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I like Wasting My Time Doing - With You.

1. You flying your airplane on my back - which includes laughing really hard and collapsing and crashing.

2. Watching you play video games. Your facial expressions/body movements/sound effects are priceless.

3. Quoting 'The Office'.

4. Being a YouTube junkie.

5. Walking alllll the way to Rita's for icecream, finding ourselves in a horror movie scene and beating a thunderstorm home. (And watching you almost get taken out by two robins. Oh, and - taking funny videos.)

6. Going to Walmart at 1:30 in the morning to get a giant jar of cheese puffs.

7. Driving through the sprinklers spray to get a free car wash - especially at 2:00 in the morning. 

8. Getting fooled into almost eating a jalapeno. (Not cool by the way).

9. After almost 6 years - those tickle fights get me every time. 

10. Cooking breakfast dinner with you. I told you your pancake making skills rocked!! Hope my egg wraps were yummy in your tummy!

11. THE SIMS!! I am so excited for our shipment to come in. Awesome job finding that price. Holla!
(I have a feeling this is going to take over when we finish The Office.)

12. Surfing the web for our future furry bundles of joy. You can never have too many pets!

13. Walking with you.

14. Family Feud! We're basically a dynasty. 

15. I cannot wait to break a world record with you. Remember we're shooting for 34 hours. Then we'll be unstoppable.

That's all for now.
Over and Out.

Loving you always,