Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventures in Iowa, and Beyond: Part l

Cory's USA Track and Field Nationals
Drake University - Des Moines, Iowa.

Starting with the drive out there:
The BAD weather we ran into.
Our bad luck cloud.

And we stopped at the World's Largest Truck Stop!

AND - the coolest thing happened: they had yellow cupcake batter cappuccino! I then found out it came with a free cinnamon bun cupcake! 
What a deal!!! It was so good. Documentation was necessary. 

THEN, we arrived at our destination!
Des Moines, Iowa

On the campus:

And the races began...

Good memories for the early stages of the trip:

24 steps is bad for the trick knee, gross ticket booth window, 'You Are Here' Tornado, dodging the tornado stopping under a bridge, bad luck cloud, spider lightening, drink stop with the "do you have any chi tea?" (trucker who doesn't work there filling up her cup of ice) "I have no idea what you're talking about..." (and then proceeds to over flow her cup of ice all over the floor) "Sorry, we're from Ohio...", coffee pass back to Melissa's hair, no camping at rest area, izoom!

Love always,