Saturday, July 31, 2010

Island Fest 2010

Island Fest is a weekend of fun between Marblehead, Kelley's Island and Put in Bay Island in Lake Erie.
This year we camped out for two nights, and made many, many memories.

The bar we hung out at mostly during the end of the night:

Sissy and I during a Putt Putt game.
We did awful! 



Melissa and Cory.

The coolest picture, ever!

This guy was so crazy!
Don't let him fool you.
The vizor is attached to all that hair at the top.
A.K.A. - IT'S A WIG!!

The guys.

Some memories I want to remember forever!: Emily's vile of blood, Cory's pat down, Franks telling Katie she looks horrible in the morning, Emily asking the old man if the eagle is a pet of his, the sandwich cheese in the cooler - gross, Franks freaking out about karaoke, me getting asked if I was 21 all those times and ending in the bar tender buying my drink, Katie and Dan marry, Becky and Dave, Captain Mark and Moe, STEVE with Katie (you're so good you're bad/Naked Monkeys/HANSEN!), Cory's 4 hour beer Bud Select 55, Cory and Franks 10-15 rounds of JC, Katie and my nap in the grass for an hour, Putt Putt naps, Melissa's Woody kiss/short dude at Strawberry shot bar, Cory and Franks disappear story, RAIN, Cory's boxers in Dan's bag, Dan buying me a $3 ($20) hotdog, Cory kissing me, Melissa and Katie, Dan introducing me as his sister-in-law, me joining the bachelorette party, Marblehead bar guy mad at me, Cory and Dan.
Sleeping arrangements 1st night: Kay/Em: Kay's Car. Me/Mel: back seat and trunk of her car, Katie/Dan: Katie's car, Cory and Franks: shed ground. 2nd night: Katie: her car, Me/Cory: tiny tent (his sweat), Mel: her trunk, Franks: big trent, Dan: other little tent.

Whoo. What a weekend.
Love always,