Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dear Cory Ray,

Remember that time, or many-many times if you will, that I held water in my mouth to squirt at you?
Remember how you fell three times trying to get away from me?
Maybe wipeout is the proper word.
Haha! Classic.

All I can say is you know how to get revenge.
Rubber band trick on the sink hose.
Ya got me on that one, nothing short of: nice work slick.
Our water works wars are far from over though.

You're my favorite 'kid' to babysit, by the way.
Walmart runs will never be the same.
Just pick that foot up, and don't grab everything off the shelves you see.
We can't get it all, sweet tooth.

But that cookie dough trip we took.
We did a killer job at demolishing that tube with our little spoons.
Rock on.

Lately, though, you know what I've been absolutely loving?
When I wrap my arm around your hip and pull you close to mine while we're walking,
And you,
You then pull your arm around my shoulder so tight I am left walking squeezed to your chest.
Haha, I love it.

Above all, and what takes the cake far and away...
When we were watching the fireworks in the yard,
And you had your arms around me so tight.
Swaying back and forth. Back and forth.
I guess, you've just been making me speechless lately - in the best possible way.

Our busy summer is flying by, and it's been so incredible so far.

I love you more than anything.
Forever and always.
Please, don't ever forget that.

Loving you always,