Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunset Bliss

Lately, I've been realizing something about myself.
I LOVE the evening time. 
I love the feeling of looking back and seeing all you've accomplished in the day.
Going home.
The cooling temperature of the day.
The sky.
The calmness.
Dinner time.
Relaxing and getting ready to go to bed.

I really love it. This summer I've been taking pictures whenever I see a sky that I cannot help but gaze at.
It's been all spur of the moment, too.
Which makes it even more special.

On the way out to Iowa:

On the way out to North Carolina:

On the way home from Ocean City:

On the way home from Ocean City:

On the way home from Rehoboth Beach:
(I think this one is so cool!)

This one is actually from a Walmart parking lot in Wadsworth, Ohio.
Cory and I made a cookie dough run, and the sky was so amazing.

Love always,