Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WV, NC, VA, Ocean City Adventures

We left Ohio and drove half way to Charleston, WV.
Saw the campus.
Got the traditional picture:
Melissa found $20.

The next day we were headed for Goldsboro, NC 
to see Cory and Melissa's brother and sister-in-law, Vinny and Mara Lee.
We stayed there for a few days, grilled out, swam, relaxed.
Then hit the road for Salisbury, MD - but took a few adventures on the way.

This is our direction man:

We stopped at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge for a leg stretcher.

Made our way over to the Outer Banks/Kitty Hawk in NC:
And got our road drinks:
Cory, Melissa, Mo

Then we made our way to Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.
But we got stuck in a flash flood in Norfolk:
But it was SO bad!!

After a night in Norfolk,
And going to the military base, 
The next morning we wandered over the Virginia Beach for a little bit before heading to Salisbury.

We then met up with Melissa's friend Kelly and her boyfriend Rob 
(and Cory's friends later on)
For some fun on the beach.

Some great memories we made:
At Walmart: Boogie Board falling on Cory, "Boo", "Ball", Cory shoveling with a beach shovel.
Morgan and the Corettes, Cory singing the Kevin Little song in the car, Vinny tucking his hair behind his ears, meeting the new neighbors, Cory and my hats at the mall in NC, Cory acting like a bird while waiting for Vinny and Melissa, Swim Lesson and Mara Lee's asthma, Nick Cannon'ed', Cory treating me like a puppy, Bojangles, Ernie and Lion Heart, Weird Rain (sideways and stop and go), Melissa's accent with her O's, Norfolk flash flood, Wendy's girl: STOP!, Going over the Bay Bridge Tunnel., seeing the Mary Kay car.
Sitting on the top of Tony's Pizza in OC, bad breadsticks, getting called a butthole and then getting hit by a car possibility by Rob, Bunny Suit guy, Low red moon, passing out at volleyball, Fertelli's drive of doom, jelly fish, hotel neighbors, seeing the huge deer.

Love always,