Friday, September 3, 2010

My Mommy came and had lunch with me while I was on my break from school.
We sat outside on one of the last really hot days of the year.
We sat on the balcony of the Student Center.
It was funny because when I went to meet her from where she parked -
I had the really silly feeling in my belly - like it was like those other times when I really lived at school and I was so excited to see my parents.
When she left to go home, I was really sad for a minute - then said allowed...
"Thank goodness I get to come home tonight!"
Love you Momma!

Aside from the relief I felt for that moment,
This just reassures that this move home to finish school was the best choice.
I am so happy with school, doing amazing in it and I get to live with my family for a few more years.

(Taken from the balcony)
Love always,
P.S. Dad, thanks for saving my bottom dollar this morning by warning me of the traffic jam and giving me alternate directions to school! You're a life savor!!! I LOVE YOU!!!