Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ring Ceremony Time!

This past weekend I ventured out to what is now called my home away from home: Salisbury, MD to see Cory!!
Oh, yeah, and see him receive his much anticipated 
It was a nicccccce weekend.

We mostly just B-Bopped around for the majority of the weekend.
To start it off, we went and got free smoothies from McDonald's!
I'd been really, really wanting to try them, and now I love them!!
We also went to this icecream social type thing on campus one night.
That was funny.
Free icecream, and bingo...
Apparently you had to be a Salisbury Student to play (who would have thought?)
But the nice cheerleaders gave me my cup of candy anyways!

The day of the ceremony,
Cory's coach took a his National Champions out to lunch including their families...

Everything was really nice.
At the game, however, it was 94 degrees...in late September...
I was so hot. Blah. But, I couldn't complain seeing as Sammy the Seagull was in full attire. 

When it was time for me to leave, Salisbury couldn't let me go.
I went to check in and get my boarding passes and found out - OOPS - the flight had been over sold and there was no seat for me...
At the time, I was really upset seeing as I was going to be missing class and I confused as to how this could happen since I bought my ticket well over a month before.
So I got put on a flight the next morning.
Once I was settled, it meant another night with my beloved, which there really was nothing better.

I know I probably say this too much,
but thank the high heavens that when I have to leave Cory...
I get to come home to my family. 
It makes it not so bad. 

Miss the 'Bury already.

No, I just miss Cory.
The three National Champions and their rings:

The two rings together.
The larger one with the '1' on it is his first one from last year.
The one with the 's' on it is from this year.

Love always,