Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World's Top Adventure Trips


Yellowstone: Trekking, Walking & Biking

Explore the Serengeti of the American West. Raft the Yellowstone River and ride horseback into the Absaroka Mountains.

Chile: Local Culture

Trek through the Andes along the FutaleufĂș River, then switch to kayaks to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Thailand: Trekking, Walking & Biking

Pedal through the Golden Triangle, with difficulty levels ranging from moderate (no more than 25 miles per day) to arduous (up to 57 miles per day).

Costa Rica: Local Culture

Zipline through a forest canopy, hike an active volcano, and learn from locals about their country.

Finland: Affordable

Go dog-sledding, then relax in a log cabin or an igloo.

Mexico: Regional Specialists

View gray whales and help weigh, tag, and release endangered sea turtles in conjunction with the Ocean Foundation.

France: Trekking, Walking and Biking

Pedal from the premier cru wineries of Bordeaux to the medieval castles of the Dordogne Valley.

Jordan: Safari

Visit Petra and the Dead Sea and stay at an eco-lodge supported by the king of Jordan.

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