Saturday, October 16, 2010

World's Top Adventure Trips II

From Yahoo! Travel

Grand Canyon: River & Ocean

Take a nonmotorized trip down the Colorado River’s most spectacular 225 miles.

Mongolia: Regional Specialists

Paddle across pristine Lake Hövsgöl, then travel to the Gobi for saddle time atop two-humped Bactrian camels.

Western Canada: Luxury Adventure

Explore the Rocky Mountains by train, take an evening wildlife safari hike, and learn about the geological formations of the Colombia ice fields in Jasper. You'll stay at Fairmont Lake Louise and trek through its surrounding forest, ending with a helicopter tour over Banff.

The Galápagos Islands: River & Ocean

Cruise the archipelago in a catamaran, exploring each new island on foot or by kayak.

Alaska: Off the Grid

Spend mornings heli-skiing central Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains and afternoons casting for king salmon.

East Africa: Safari
Fly by private plane between wildlife viewing stops in Kenya and Tanzania.

California Coast: Affordable

Gather seafood and edible plants along the California coast.

Peru: Regional Specialists

Visit Inca ruins and artists’ workshops as you travel the length of the country.

Seychelles: River & Ocean

Cast over the saltwater flats of the Seychelles’ remote St. Joseph’s Atolls for fierce but elusive bonefish.

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