Monday, November 29, 2010

Gone, again.

Dear Cory Ray,

It was so wonderful being with you this week.
My favorite surprise. 
I've missed those surprises you throw my way.
 You were so wonderful this week.
Thank you for surprising me at my bedroom door, and spending the whole week with me - 
Playing Apples to Apples, your card tricks, our backyard football game, driving through the nation's scariest neighborhoods in Cleveland, taking me out for my birthday dinner, singing Karoke with me (and letting a good memory unfold when you got sick later that night (cracking the window, getting locked in the car, playing the knocking game with my mom and looking so uncomfortable in my pink chair)), watching Paranormal Activity against my better judgement...and just being you and I. 

I woke up every morning this week so excited to see you and give you a smooch and know I could hug you until tomorrow.
This weekend was such a good example of what I always feel - that there are moments in my life that I will always remember. Not just because they happened, or were important, or something funny happened - but because you were there. 
I am sitting here missing you so much already. I really do wonder sometimes if you know how much you mean to me. 

I hated dropping you off at the airport this morning.
I always do. It's such a horrible feeling. 
It's so hard when you leave. 

It's always so hard because when you go to hug me goodbye I get this rush of tears that I fight with everything I have to not come out.
They never make the situation any better. Yet, they always win. 
And then the hug is over way too soon as if it never even happened.
Then you're about to walk away and I just want to talk your ear off. 
I want to tell you that I love your hugs and your kisses and your laugh.
I love your laugh.
I want to tell you that I love your smile, your beautiful smile - the smile that makes you so special to me. 
And I want to tell you that I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you're really, really happy.
I want to tell you that I don't know how our time together could have been any better. 
I want to ask you if you needed help with your bags, perhaps wanted me to walk in with you. 
I wanted to ask you to not leave. 

But I didn't. 
All I could get out was a quiet, tongue tied, bittersweet 'I love you'.

But thank you. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break.
I am so thankful that my life was blessed with you. 

I cannot wait until you come home for Christmas.
Thank Heavens it is soon.
Our time together is never long enough. 

See you soon my love.
Me and you forever.

Loving you always,