Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here’s to Happiness

Something that makes me Incredibly Happy:

Today - nothing earth shattering happened.
Today was not a holiday, or was spent doing anything outside of the 'normal' routine.
But today, for me, turned out to be really special for no apparent reason. 

School went well today. 
Mother Nature blessed northeast Ohio with AMAZING weather.
Mid 50's, cloudless sky with bright warm sunshine. 
It was really special. 

I got out of school early and so I decided that I was going to treat myself to some Taco Bell for dinner, outside of my usual PB&J and Cheese Its.
(#3, all soft, with a raspberry iced tea!)
While at Taco Bell, I swear the nicest women took my order that has ever waited on me before!
She was so nice and it made me in an even better mood.
I got some "Hi Hunnie!", "Sure thing!", "Enjoy!" and "Please drive safe sweetie!"
I was so impressed and overjoyed!

So, while finishing my commute from school to Taco Bell and then to work -
Windows down, Taylor Swift blaring - I was so happy. 

After work, I was pooped.
But my good day didn't stop there. 
I got home and my Mommy had made me a chicken salad and bought the BEST cookies ever.
AND - my little kitty joined me in some studying. 

Thank you school day.
Thank you Mother Nature.
Thank you Taco Bell employee for being a real treat!! The world needs more workers like you!
Thank you Mommy! I LOVE YOU!
Thank you White Sox.

It really is the littlest things in life that win my heart over.
Again, and again, and again.
Love always,