Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Alarming Horoscope:

Just kind of liked it...
A lot.

"If you knew the truth of all the things that are going on outside your world, you'd be appalled, Sagittarius.
[True. I feel like I have been mad about this for a while. And this says there is more...]
You shouldn't take things at face value today. It's important to simply go and see things for yourself.
Don't trust another's word on what is true and what isn't.
Question what you see. Make sure you don't let others pull the wool over your eyes.
[My horoscope read my mind. But I think that's its job.]
Your inner life will be more important this month as you go within to look for answers and understanding. 
You will examine issues from the past in depth, and you may seek counseling so you can move forward.
A New Moon in Scorpio will help give you the tenacity to get to the bottom of whatever has been bothering you and face buried fears and insecurities. 
[Really, this is so true it's scary.]
Mars will be in your sign all month, giving you optimism and the motivation to take action. The Sun and Mercury will also move to Sagittarius, adding confidence, a fresh perspective, and new ideas."
Love always,