Sunday, December 19, 2010

B.A. Sweetie Candy Store:

In Brooklyn, Ohio lives a candy store Heaven.
When visiting Cory's sister, Melissa, we ventured over there. 
I cannot describe to you how big this place is, all I can say is it just keeps going, and going and going.
They have every single candy under the sun you would want.
And, I was in love. 

And the dare devils that the Beebe sibs are, decided to buy the sourest candy the store has to offer:
Toxic Waste and Sour Pop Rocks.
I had to capture the face:
From the Pop Rocks

Of course we then made a bet that if I didn't make any sour face Cory would take me out for a Triple Chocolate Melt Down.
I WON :)
Love always,