Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm struggling over here. 
One week left of school....
One more long, busy as a bumblebee week.


Three people asked me in a matter of 10 minutes if I was really hard on myself. 
Another later commented that I worry too much about school.
And earlier this semester, I was told by a professor of mine I have definate perfectionist tendencies. 

I know...

Oh, and on top of my anxiety of school and these realities thrown my way, (today being my last day of instructional classes and next week is finals week) I found out I have a final in a class that we were told there was going to be no final all semester.

Talk about a Morgan freak out.
If I could compare my thought when I was told this information, perhaps think of the world ending. 
And I have a head ache. 
But please, with finals week here, and school at it's craziest form right now, 
Spare me the comments of my crazy ways and let me be. 

Lets do this. 
Love always,