Monday, January 17, 2011

Cha-Cha-Check It Out

This is what Cory Ray told me:
"You make MY life/world/universe"
And this past week we started to SKYPE!!
We play a lot of Yahoo! games together on Skype.
And last night...
He sang Eye of the Tiger, parts of Taylor Swift: "That's the Way I Loved You", parts of Miranda Lambert's: "The House That Built Me", Taylor Swift "Stay Beautiful" and parts of "California Girls" by Katy Perry to me which was nothing short amazing and full of correct pitches and lyrics!
We talked on Skype for roughly SIX hours (maybe more).
My night was so amazing, I felt like he was here with me. 
(We even 'hit the rock' I think like three times!)
Ah, Bliss.
Love always,