Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Thor and Baby Bear.

This past week, I was busy house/dog sitting
these two little (totally not little) guys, Bear and Thor (German Shepard brothers).
It was a new adventure for me, something I'd never done before. 
Aside from missing my family and kitties, and home - it was a good week. 
(I got to go out to eat with my family once, so that was superb!)
It was very tiring, and I was very out of synch, but, again, a good week.
They loved chewing on their bones and running around the house. 
They especially LOVED getting their treats.
Bear was obsessed with his ball (seen in both pictures), and they loved giving kisses.
My favorite part of the job was when you looked them in the eye and said:
"Hey guys, YOU WANNA PLAY?!"
They went NUTS. N.U.T.S I tell you. 
Their heads would turn to the side for a second to see if they were hearing you right and then bark and run like crazy!
It was fun and rewarding. 
They both needed medicine everyday, so that was a good experience as well.
(Bad experience was me being freaked out every night thinking I kept hearing noises.)
I literally triple checked locks like a million times.

But, these pups were good to me :)
Love always,