Monday, January 24, 2011

Peace. Love. Three Peas in Columbus.

The other day, Liz and I ventured down to Columbus to see our third pea, Betsy (who goes to OSU).
We spent the day at NorthStar for brunch, the book loft for hours, saw where Betsy lived, went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and Cuzzins Yogurt for dessert.
Sadly, I only saw my sister for a mere second. No worries though.
It was a really wonderful day of just catching up, making new plans, food (obviously) and laughs. 
(We're starting a book club!!!)
We also, somehow, started to talk about memories from when we were little squirts.
We've been best friends since we were kiddies (A.K.A the beginning of time).
Until next time-
Love always,