Friday, January 14, 2011

Things I've Been Learning Lately:

The thoughts and dreams that keep coming back into your mind are real. I think they're meant to be.
"Beloved, gaze into thine own heart, the Holy Three is growing there."
Being barefoot is beautiful and it's one of my favorites. 
Slow and STEADY certainly does win the race. Out of control, frantic, unsure and clingy does not.
Nothing beats honesty. Nothing.
The youth in me thrives. The things I thought, believed and held near and dear to my heart when I was 6,7,8...18 are still as true as can be to me. 

Lastly, something I am sitting her sucking in right now - something I should have always kept in my mind to never forget (just from being away at college, etc.): no matter how bad things seem, no matter what's going on, what you think at a certain point or what someone else's thinks at the same point, where you want to go or do - home is the most amazing place on Earth. I'm now away from home for a week, with a few exceptions, due to a job I agreed to doing a month ago. But I would give anything to be home instead. Bottom line, I'm learning to never take being home for granted, to never take the blessings I feel and get from being home for granted, and to NEVER take my family for granted. 
(Photo by me)
Love always,