Monday, February 28, 2011

Tweeter, Tweeter Pumpkin Eater

February 2011
{My Twitter}
1. First day of February was wonderful! "Akron, Akron, gave me a snow day? I'm speechless! :)"

2. The prefect snow day snack?: "I just made the best snow day snack: hot chocolate and marshmallows with peanut butter and honey graham cracker sandwiches. DIVINE."

3. "My mom and I have a bit of an addiction when we run errands together. These always sneak into the check out:"

4. The second day of February: "Snow day again? HIP, HIP, HOORAY! Reliving elementary school excitement all over again...minus the college homework and work tonight..."

5. And the morning my car window officially (like totally and completely died and was open with no chance of it shutting RIGHT as I was running late for school): "Holy heavens! What a less than desirable morning. Now, on campus for 11 hours..."

6. "Low key family weekend on the horizon. YES!!! xoxo" and "McDonalds breakfast with my parents! Have not had it in ages!! So exciting :)"
(We then went to my Dad's office to help him clean, pitch and organize this bookcase in his office that was bestowed upon him when he moved into his new office. This is us in the process BELOW)
Three and a half hours later:
(And then my Dad treated us to Gasoline Ally, an amazing restaurant with the best pizza and yogurt dip.
This is my: "Small pizza with extra cheese and light sauce..." or you could say 'my cheese oozing grease slab'. Either way, IT WAS AMAZING! 
(Notice my Dad totally beating me in the healthy eating zone with this awesome salad in the back there...)

7. My Pam (my car) finally went into the shop to get her window fixed: "Car window is getting FIXED, it's a beautiful snow fall this morning, I'm in love and life is good.  xoxo"
(BELOW: My window works!!!)

8. And my new (way long term) wish: "I pray my kid is like this. What an adorable little nugget!"

9. The night I decided to be good and follow the rules ended painfully: "I wore my retainer last night. First time in a long time. O.U.C.H. x A LOT." (BUT, my teeth looked pretty fabulous in the morning.)

10. "From noon until 12:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays is becoming one of my least favorite times...but I don't want to have a least favorite time." (I have to hike it from one edge of campus to the COMPLETE other edge of campus in less than 15 minutes, uphill. Shin splint central + cardio workout + getting an education = the ultimate multitasking!)

11. "It is a first! My Mom and I were told we look alike! Precious! I REALLY enjoy when my Mom comes to see me at school! :)" (I know I live with her still...and school is 25 minutes away...but it makes me so excited every time!)

12. Ohio Wintertime. "Northeast Ohio life lately = absolutely frigid."

13. If you know 'Twitter' lingo, you'll understand these tweets: "@, I just want to let you know that when you call me at 1:30 in the morning to tell me about a retweet, you've already made me day!" He got 'retweeted' from Drew Carey: "And not even then! :) RT @: @ is good at math. But only if the two numbers add up to $1 or less." (Cory was SO excited!)

14. "Happy 18th Birthday little Bro Bro!"

15. "Donating blood today with my Mom (she is 'facing her fears')! WOO-HOO! :)"
(And, yes, we TOTALLY parked in the blood donor parking spot)

16. "I'm doing homework with my little nugget all nestled in my leg nook.#meow"

17. Direct from the dentist: "You truly have very healthy, beautiful teeth." SCORE! #GoodDentistVisit"

18. "I had such a beautiful drive into the city this morning. Ah, I love mornings like today! #CitySunrise"

19. And then we had a warm spell in the air on February 16th: "I drove to work with my window down! DOWN! #LifeisSOgood" 

20. And about my commutes to school: "Sometimes I really enjoy driving with no music, no talk shows, no noise. #relaxationbeforechaos"

21. When I was headed out to see Cory/when I got there: "My heart is racing so fast :) I cannot stop smiling!" and "Right now, at 12:07 in the afternoon on Friday February 18, 2011, is the new best moment of my life. #Bliss"
(I secretly snapped a picture of my new favorite moment)

22. And when I was leaving Cory..."Never fails. I can feel depression central setting in. Never fails in the slightest..."

23. My saying I made: "Communicate. Be true. Trust. Repeat. (Forever)." 

24. "Happy 50th Daddy-O!!"
(And Dad who 'can't stand our cats'...was caught in the act. Once everyone was up and done eating and my Dad was still at the table - my little nugget, White Sox, was sitting at the table (which he is not allowed to do, but my Dad allowed it) and my Dad gave White Sox a taste of ice cream. It was a once in a lifetime moment. I was so proud. True bonding moment here: SO FUNNY!)

25. "My cat is obsessed with my printer when it is printing...#SOWEIRD!" (Seriously, he can hear it from anywhere in the house and comes running. Then he just stares at it and then lays on the paper when it comes out. He jammed it one time...I was furious!)

26. Watching the Oscars: "Ok. Oscars. I LOVE when people accepting awards say how much they love their spouses. I think it's my new favorite part of award shows. Yes."

27. On the last day of the month: "It is February. It is thundering. It is amazing. It is making me SO happy" and "...and lightening just lit up my room. And it is February.#AHSOAMAZING."
Love always,