Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep on keepin' on...

My name is I Don't Ever Sleep Anymore, it's nice to meet you, 2 am.
No, no, it's not by choice. That's just my name that was given to me from my unthought out choice of taking a million and two classes this semester. 

Anyways, is this what it's like at this time of night...morning? (I don't even know your proper time of day you're so foreign to me, my apologizes.)
But, I have to admit, you're kind of lovely with your quiet breeze coming in through my window, darkness that lets me focus. 

I thought I'd just introduce myself since we'll probably be seeing quite a bit of each other for the next week and a half. 
Yeah, homework, know, the works. 

Yeah, I know, nine papers is along the lines of completely absurd. 

Anyways, I better go. I am trying to finish a paper and get a few hours of sleep before day breaks to head off to school again.
Plus, I am sitting here in my bed literally thinking I am conversing with a time of day...
Yep. Until next time, lover.