Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Memory Lane.

I remember this one time I was sitting on the couch with you watching TV. 
I remember your whole family was in the living room too...it was right after dinner. 
Sunday night dinners...
I remember sitting in such a way that I had my arms wrapped around one of yours and I was sitting slanted to where my head was able to rest comfortably on your shoulder.
I remember someone said something pretty hilarious that made me laugh so hard.
We were all laughing pretty hard. 
I remember feeling so content. So at ease. So comfortable. So at peace. So happy. So in love.

Want to know the last thing I remember about this particular night? I remember once all of our laughs calmed down, I tightened my hug I had around your arm from my arms and closed my eyes and said to myself, "this is how it's going to be forever." 


I remember this other time when we took a trip together. You were driving and it was dark out. I think pretty late too...
It was summer and the night was ever so beautiful. 
I remember we were singing and laughing to a song that was on a CD you made for our trip. 
While I can't put my finger on what the song was, you loved it. 
And I...I just remember laughing my butt off at you because while you were so into the song...you'd forget some lyrics but play it off so cool as if nothing ever happened. You'd look at me with the biggest grin. 
I don't know if it was the fact that it summer time, late at night, the car drive, or the fact that it was just you and me...I couldn't stop smiling to myself. And every time you'd look at me it was as if you felt the same way too. That night, I could have driven no where with you...just you, forever. 

It's funny the things you remember, really. 
Sometimes, I don't even know how I remember somethings.

I remember in this one span of a couple of days I'd accidentally fall asleep.
I say accidentally because I never wanted to. You were always such a night owl and no matter how hard I tried - my little eyes, and my little body couldn't take it. I always remember in the mornings I'd wake up feeling so uneasy because I never remembered saying goodnight to you...and that I loved you. 
After a few days of this, I had asked you that if this happens again to please wake me up before you fall asleep so we can say a proper goodnight.
I remember this one time so fuzzy - but you woke me up and said you were going to bed and goodnight. 
While I know I was half asleep, and so out of it - I remember springing to instant happiness from a dead sleep to see you and tell you goodnight.
And all I can do is wish, wish, wish - with all my heart that it never stops. 

Love always,