Friday, April 22, 2011

Nothing is ever too late.

You make it so hard sometimes to look on the bright side.
Things don't have to be this hard by any means.
Things don't have to be hard at all. 
All I want is for someday soon for you to realize....really and wholeheartedly realize, with everything you have (in so much as it brings you to your knees and brings a flood of tears to your face) that is too short.
We only live once and you need to seize every opportunity while you can, while they're at your finger tips, within your reach...while they are staring you straight in your face.
Nothing is ever too late. 
Never to late to start, to stop, to turn around, to wake up, to give your all, to live.
Please know that. Please, always remember that.
Forever, xo.