Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 24th birthday, beautiful sister. You are so amazing.

On May 18th, my sister turned 24. 
(Time, slow the heck down will you, this is not a race!)

Just today, she posted some pictures on her facebook from her birthday outing with friends.
Truth be told, I got this uncontrollable smile on my face from looking at them. 
Mainly, I just couldn't get over how happy I am for her, proud I am of her. 
I always tell her how amazing she is, and how she is truly living the good life.
But what makes it that much more special is how she has truly charted her own course.
There is no one else in the world, nor will there ever be, like her, at all. 
I don't know, and how lucky am I -- she is my big sissy. 
Here she is, as beautiful as ever at 24.
A fashion designer for Abercrombie and Fitch at 22,
just got her second raise at 23,
lives in the cutest apartment in the heart of Columbus, with a kitty named Zoey.
And, she has THE best group of friends that ANYONE could ever ask for (no, seriously).
Aside from me going on and on about how proud I am of her, and how awesome she is -- 
she unknowingly help me out tremendously today.
Here I am, again, overloaded with classes (which basically amounts to an obscene amount of stress).
But these pictures (and there are a lot more on her Facebook page, but these are MY FAVORITES) made me smile. 
That's all I needed was a smile to make me start breathing again.
From her pictures, she made me snap back to reality. Life fun. 

Sissy, I am so happy for you.
And thank you from far, and unknowingly, being there for me. 
Hope your birthday was wild.

Love you, always.