Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leaving Kanab, headed somewhere BIG

It was a sad few minutes leaving Kanab.
After our last morning volunteering, and then going to Zion National Park, we came back down south - back through Kanab, and on to a great adventure.
 Again, the drive back south was AMAZING!
 Flat, mountain, hills, back to flat again. 
 In real flat areas, one in particular, we were driving in sun, but to the west and east of us it was RAIN!
Such a cool sight!
And the Native American Reservations were pretty eye opening too.
Then we found our way to Lake Powell:
It was beyond beautiful!!!

 Then we were on our way...
We passed through my Brother's town:
We made a right hand turn and were on our way to the GRAND CANYON!!!!!
Almost there...
Love always,