Saturday, June 25, 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Garage sale 2011. gets better every year!
The Seville Garage Sales - called the 'World's Largest Garage Sale' is huge. It engulfs my whole town for two days straight and brings people from probably all around the country. My parents have been doing this ever since they moved to Seville, so about 20-ish years. 
Our garage is a disaster for a week leading up to the sales...and drives the household crazy. 

This year, I have to admit, was actually pretty fun. My mom and I were business partners all of Friday, and my dad joined the reindeer games on Saturday. Contrary to my brother's face (below) I think he secretly had a good time too! (maybe...)
But this year, looking back on it of course, it was hilarious. Starting at 6:45 on Friday morning (these garage sale'ers' are hard core!) we already have stories of me almost breaking my toe from trying to get everything out and set up, my dad having to take off the back door to fit a desk up the stairs and out the door, my mom making my dad move the cars in a very particular manner (up, back, up, back, up, back...), my mom entering my Garage Sale Sensitivity Training Program right away, people asking for check out bags as if we were actually running a legit store (or glass wrap for flower vases), people asking us if the $1 earrings were hypoallergenic...(WHAT?), the people who were talking to my dad about the FREE grill and considering not taking it due to it not having a propane tank with it (it's free...?), or people contemplating on whether they want to buy a really nice watch for $1 because they didn't know if the battery worked or not (it's a dollar people, really?).

Or how about the toothless man that was flirting with my mom, or the 15-passenger van that had a large enclosed trailer on the back - where the doors to the trailer were wide open from someone forgetting to close them and then bikes proceeding to fall out on the road with heavy traffic...oops, right? Or how I saw the world's largest calf tattoo of a spider that wrapped around to the shin, on a woman. Or how about me seeing the CUTEST baby who just happened to start flirting with me (jean overalls are the cutest!!). Or how we thought a suitcase got shop lifted! Ha!

But it was also really nice to just sit and talk to people, my parents, go on a McDonald's run (a double cheese burger has never tasted so good), and then the great feeling of being done, making a good buck, and getting everything off your hands!
Until next year - 
Love always,