Monday, July 4, 2011

In the middle of CLE having the time of our lives

The day starts like this: school, zoo (post to come later) and Indians Game+after game adventures.
Perfect day? YES!
Plus, I've NEVER been on the RTA trains (CLE Public transportation) - and it was super fun. 
Cor and I rode the train into downtown Cleveland, and then walked from Tower City to the Indian's stadium.

So, of course we got there super early to watch batting practice

And of course we look as cute as a button

And of course we wore our brand spankin' new hats!

Then Melissa and Brian joined us! 
Stadium hot dogs+beach volleyballs+people heavily intoxicated+the wave going around the whole stadium 4 WHOLE times+Cory's (second) BIGGEST fan (AKA old friend) being there+fireworks+laughing forever - the Indians bleachers was where it was at! 

Then we headed over to the Thirsty Parrot and had about 2 million more laughs. 

THEN, in the bare bone hours of the morning, we made our way back to the RTA train - in Tower City.
Oddly enough, Tower City was WIDE open at 1:00 in the we explored, and giggled.
THEN, when two very nice police officers informed us that the RTA train STOPS running at 11:00 pm (our ticket clearly says 3:00 am) - we had no choice but to enact plan B...the RTA Buses. 
Only problem with plan B was that the bus we needed was no where to be found. 
So, we talked to a bus driver while Cory and Brian tried to chase a few taxis down (literally). Until we finally scored one!

We were in the middle of CLE, having the time of our lives.
I think Taco Bell came when we got home. Yes.
This night was amazing. 
Love always,