Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Cumberland {Four}

Our pictures by the Lake Cumberland Dam

Our sumo adventures
P.S. SO proud of my Mamma!
Always sun protective...I think?
Annual lunch at Jamestown

Back to the extreme.
{Side note: when will I ever learn that I BURN? I am Miss Fair Skin. Look at me...wearing clothes over my suit to cover my previously beyond burnt skin...Aloe Vera and Neutrogena SPF 90, I am forever thankful for you.}

Then the boys wanted their ride

And the most amazing waterfall was found!
Adventures galor! 
Scariest thing: swimming to shore and not knowing when you'll hit ground...
The Adventures of Cory and Morgan, foreva.

Oh, then I busted my moves.

Hit the rock.
Cam and Mom doubled, too!
THE captain.
Love you, Lake Cumberland.
Love always,