Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our life lately...

We tend to stare out the front door at bunnies. We are pretty scary, you know. 
They're sneaky little bogga's.
I, Tibby, try to get to birds on the porch.
I, Rosie, LOVE my cat nip mouse. 

We LOVE helping Morgan with her homework!
 ...but sometimes we just crash by her chair and snooze through homework time...
 Naps are our fav!!
 We beg to come outside...but it's always denied...(stupid neighborhood living...)

Or, you know, my name is Timmy (as you know) and I just throughly love laying around.

We love to get our hurr done by Morgan. 
Don't I have fabulous fur?

Playing with lightening bugs that sneak their way inside is pretty entertaining too. We wish our bottoms lit up...
Love always,