Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Initial thoughts on being engaged, and getting married - brought to you by the mustache mafia

Due to the fact that A LOT of people knew for quiet some time about this amazing knee kneeling that Cory was going to do last Saturday - they were all a little prepared, a little ready and a little anxious. I, on the other hand, thought that an engagement may be within the next year or so...


But here I am. ENGAGED! Crazy, huh? I think so...very much so. But all in the most amazing way.
It has been about three days since the big day, and it is still slowing sinking in. 
I am just going to keep this high going forever...you know, stay in the clouds, ride the wave, live the dream (via my Aunt Erin) FOREVA. 
Monday night at gymnastics, one of my little gymnasts (6 years old) asked me how my weekend was and I just stared at her for a slit second indicating that perhaps my mind may not have fully recovered from the incident of blanking out while Cory was proposing to me (no, not literally). But then chills invaded my skin and I just smiled at her with butterflies in my stomach and said, "My best friend asked me to marry him." Knowing she probably wasn't going to really understand that she just smiled back at me and let out a little giggle. But that's all I really needed. 

Sometimes I'll catch myself replaying events and thinking: Cory proposed to me...I'm engaged to Cory...Cory is my fiance...and...WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!?!?!?!?!?!!

Walking back to the car Saturday, my family briefly started to talk about engagement "stuff", and wedding "stuff". The following days, and still people ask me if we've set a date, details about the wedding, the colors, the dress...I can't really even comprehend what they're saying. I mean, heck...I am still comprehending Saturday. The silly part of all of this is that when my Mom and Cory's Mom were talking, I didn't even know I got a bridal shower. HOW COOL IS THAT?

The other day, too, Cory said something about the honeymoon and...well, I'd forgotten we get to go on a honeymoon! I mean SO COOL!!

Cory said to me about 10 minutes after we were calmed down from him popping the question that he only had one small request, and the rest is up to me: have at least 5 people in the wedding party. "Wedding party?"..."I am so far behind!!!" I said.

Actually, in our video that my sister took of the engagement, she said at one point in the video where I was just standing there, because I was so in shock, "You're engaged...?" I just told her, "I know! I've never done this before!"

Oh, and once I asked her to be the Maid of Honor, and once we were briefly talking about the bachelorette party she said - there will be no crowns, no feathers, no sash, no ill-advised "things". Hahaha!

And, sadly, a stone was a little loose on the ring so we took it in on Monday and they said they'll have it back to me in at least 10 days...but guess what?
Doesn't matter one iota  :)   This feeling is all I need.

To my family and friends - thank you all for your endless amount of love. It sends me to the moon!
As for all the questions about details -- planning will happen soon. But for now, I am just soaking the present in.
Love always,