Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Adventures of Cory and Morgan: Part Eight.

Sunset over us.
RTA Train ride into downtown CLE for an Indians game.
Signaling for Peace Tea...
...but we had to settle for second best.
Cory looking like Chief Wahoo! Ha!
On one very unhealthy trip to get food, Cory wanted to spruce up our table - so he moved some fake flowers over. Brilliant! 
On another extremely unhealthy food trip, Cory was so upset with the order being wrong in that they put...lettuce on his food. OH NO, OH MY!
And, by the way, we're done with the unhealthy-ness. 
See! We took the stairs. 
Cory's very first latte! ... and my old faithful strawberry smoothie.
He is NOT a morning person.
Pretty stormy sky.
Love always,