Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm A Love Nut

It's true. I love, love

I love seeing people who are in love, or even in 'like'. 
I love seeing people hold hands, walk with their arms around eachother.
I love seeing people sitting really close to one another, talking with their faces close together, smiling.
I love seeing people laugh with eachother. 
I love when people wink at one another.
I love when people are silly with one another.
I love knowing people are joking about an inside joke of theirs. 
I love seeing people whisper to one another.
I love feeling so connected to the person you're in love with.
I love having that one other person to share your entire world with, and you share theirs completely.
I love when people tell eachother their beautiful - no matter what - and they really mean their inner beauty flowing out.
I love unselfish love - where you put loved ones first. 
I love respectful love. Faithful love.
I love the feeling of butterflies. 
I love seeing and receiving those long, tight, close hugs.
I love when people support eachother in their relationships. 
This world is hard sometimes, but it's so nice to have someone who you can always count on - 
They're the biggest fans of your life.

I love seeing Moms who are so in love with their kids.
I love it when Moms hold their kids hands, or hold them on their hip.
I love catching Moms just watching their kids, smiling.
I love when Moms give their kids kisses on the cheek, with their eyes closed so tight.
I love when Moms cry because they're so happy.
I love when Moms would do anything for their kids, regardless.
I love when Moms teach their kids to be good people, nice people, to love kindly and always. 
I love when moms are always there to talk to you, no matter what.

I love seeing Dads playing with their kids.
I love seeing Dads goofing around, telling jokes and carrying their kids.
I love when Dads do their daughter's hair.
I love when Dads give their kids really long, tight hugs - down on their knees. 
I love seeing Dads so proud of their kids.
I love when Dads give high-fives and say, "GREAT JOB BUDDY!"
I love when Dads cry when they're so happy.
I love when Dads love to be Dads, because it shows.

I love when sisters are close to one another.
I love when brothers are best friends.
I love when brother and sisters are eachother's biggest fans.

I've found being in a close family, and seeing families who are close - 
is such an amazing feeling.

I love the sight of aged love.
Love that has stood the test of time.
Growing old with someone is such a beautiful thing -
in a world when so much can go wrong.
It's such a privilege that I think we all over see.
Life just seems so much more blissful with your other half - 
forever - 
Whoever or whatever that may be.

Regardless of race, sex, nationality. 
When you connect, you connect and nothing is more beautiful than that.
It's love.

I LOVE kisses. Anywhere, anytime, for whatever reason.
The best are for no reason at all.
Kisses on the forehead.
I love simple, sweet public displays of affection.
Who cares who sees? You're in love. And that's life.

All you need is love.
I believe in love.
I live in love.

That's all I have to say...for now.
I'm never done with love though. :)

Love Always,