Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Under the Weather

'Tis the season, I suppose, for sickness and sniffles. 
(Isn't he kind of a cutie!?)

I am just now getting over a week long visit with bronchitis.
It was so annoying to say the least. I couldn't stop coughing, people would look at me with those 
"Awe, you poor thing" eyes 
(or maybe it was more like "Gross. Please get as far away from me as you can!")
But, in any case, I was not feeling good, at all. 
It was hard because I had a lot of school work I needed to get done 
and a huge test I had to take. 
My coughing, sneezing, incredibly sore throat, runny nose, ears that hurt, etc. 
was so bad my professor made me sit in another room all by myself 
so I wouldn't infect and disrupt the others when taking the test. 
Although she was probably cursing me for even coming. 
It was bad...

Anyways - my poor sister just called and she just got done with a doctor's visit.
 Lucky lady she is - laryngitis and sinus infection
So, this post is for my sister.
Please get well soon - Easter is this weekend and you're coming home!
That means: sister time, belly bops, True Blood and perhaps some rendezvousing! (Niffty word, eh?!)

Sister Katie and I on a healthier day.

Stay well!
Love always,