Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Cory,
Tonight on the phone our conversation started to veer off in a strange direction. You joked (yes, just joked!) about selling drugs out in California to make a living. It left me giggling to think back on the fact that we spent twenty plus minutes, out of forty, talking about this silly topic. When you stated that drug dealers have the most dangerous job in the world - I disagreed and you wanted my reasoning. Yes, I know it was silly of me to bring up Hancock in my proof that doctors can get shot on duty - but sometimes movies hold truths? And regardless of what you think, I do feel bad for the horse trainer who can't train anymore because of his mishap with the law. It's unfortunate. But mostly, I can't believe you admitted to playing devils advocate for more than twenty minutes just to get me 'going' and this topic. Well done. I'm not mad - I know we both had numerous hard laughs, and that makes it all worth it.
Don't do drugs,