Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have a confession:

I am an addict of the TV show CSI, and, more recently, a major addict of James Bond movies. I’ve also said several times that I would want to be someone high up in the government, military or secret service, because I crave stuff like that. The action and suspense - the solving of secrets. Truth be told as well, I think I’d be rather good at it. Just from my looks, and personality - I don’t think anyone would suspect me. I think they would just think I'm a little teeny bopper twirling my hair blowing big pink bubbles with my bubble gum. Yes, I know - far fetched fantasy of mine...but lately with my James Bond kick, I adore Vespar - the ‘Bond Girl’ in James Bond Casino Royale. Ohhh, I would love to be a Bond Girl. They are such rock stars! But what’s sad about all of this, for me, is that I hate conflict, drama, murder, crime, wrongful doings, and I find it extremely depressing how some humans treat others. Just with Melissa being in the military, and with myself becoming more political - I think if I knew everything that was going on (or, you know, most of everything) I would drive myself insane, become a completely different person, and live in a bomb shelter under the ground and never come out. It’s just who I perhaps I don’t want to know it all and become a secret service agent. No, no - as tantalizing as it sounds, I don’t think that’s my calling. I think I’ll just stick to my fix that my TV show and movies give me. But maybe I can shoot for my big picture role as a Bond Girl.

Perhaps they'd call me Agent Momo.

Over and Out.