Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High Five For: Rockin' out the Semester

Let's give a High Five For: 4.0's, notecards and awesome professors!

I've learned a lot of things this semester, it really was a good one. But, above all, what I learned the most is that my hardcore procrastination that took place can still get me my 4.0. I'll roll with that...

Procrastination? ME? times it was bad. 
At one point in time I was up until 4:00 in the morning writing a 12 page paper that was due the same day. I got a 100% on it.
Then there was a numerous times when I started to write my Women's Studies papers a day before they were due.
And my tests, I started to study for most of those a day before hand as well. 
But, listen, I do have a method to my madness - and it's called notecards. 

Here is all the notecards I used to get me through the semester! These little guys are lifesavors, and without them, this past semester's GPA wouldn't have been possible. 
Oh, and I had the most awesome professors this semester. They were awesome, and I learned a ton! 
And yeah, I have to give credit to myself as well - I'm a complete nut about my there.
That's my congradulation's speech. 
Love always,