Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hulk? Hunk? Both?

My 17 year old brother Cameron:

I don't know, I feel like after seeing these picture from his high school football combine my Mom took, I don't feel right calling him my 'baby' brother...or Cammy-J...or Cammy for that matter. I know I have been told by countless people that I clearly look like the younger one from the two of us - even though we're 4 years apart. (We've even gotten the comment we look twins - which we think is funny). And sometimes, as weird as it sounds, I feel like he is my older brother - and I'm sure he'll love hearing that. 

Either way, he's awesome and I'm so proud of my little brother.
And just for the record, I think I can still take him.
EXCEPT in arm wrestling...I stink at that game...oh, and yeah - I guess don't bench quite as much as him.
Oh...gosh, that's right. I don't bench press, at all. So there you have it.

Love always,